25 Feb 2013

PNG law reform commission considering polygamy

6:35 am on 25 February 2013

Papua New Guinea's Law Reform Commission is considering the constitutionality of polygamy as the practice has become more common.

The Commission has sought a Supreme Court reference on polygamy, and the chair, Benjamin Poponawa, hopes to get public opinions on the matter.

Our correspondent Titi Gabi says polygamy is rarely discussed openly while many favour it.

"The families actually encourage the female to be number two, number three, number four because they have something to gain from it. You can perhaps blame corruption to some degree on the situation because these people come from places where there is almost nothing."

Titi Gabi says the men are often high powered, wealthy and decades older than the women they get involved with.

She says they can afford to pay not only for the upkeep of all their girlfriends but their families as well.