20 Feb 2013

More protests at Australian-run asylum seeker centre on Nauru

8:21 pm on 20 February 2013

The Australia-based Refugee Action Coalition says the latest protest actions at the asylum seeker camp on Nauru reflect the ongoing psychological trauma the inmates are experiencing.

Nick Riemer says four Iranians at the camp have stitched their lips together, while others are staging a hunger strike and have mounted a protest.

Earlier this month there were reports of several attempted suicides.

On Monday, some Iranian men had several hours of freedom after escaping from the camp.

Mr Riemer says these actions are a natural response given the asylum seekers face indefinite detention with no progress to their claims for refugee status while living in inadequate facilities.

"We know that there are serious problems with medical supplies for example. There are stories of real serious problems with the Wilson's security guards who are looking after things there. And so we have just got this acute situation of psychological trauma, uncertainty, continual suicide attempts, continual self harm. It is just a nightmarish chaos there and it is no surprise that it is driving people to these sort of actions."

Nick Riemer