20 Feb 2013

American Samoans to boil water

11:18 am on 20 February 2013

Most of American Samoa's man island of Tutuila is now under a boil water notice.

Last week, the American Samoa Power Authority issued a boil water notice for parts of Malaeloa, Lepuapua and Taputimu all the way to the village of Poloa.

ASPA says its water system detected fecal indicators from ground water sources in the ASG central system that provides water to customers in the

affected areas.

Fecal indicators are microbes whose presence indicates that the water may be contaminated with human or animal wastes.

Ground water samples taken from several of the wells were found to be coliform and Ecoli positive.

ASPA says it is conducting an investigation to determine the source

of the contamination.