15 Feb 2013

Fiji Law Society says FLP has legitimate case against decree

11:30 am on 15 February 2013

The President of the Fiji Law Society says the Fiji Labour Party has a legitimate case against the interim government's Political Parties Registration Decree.

The FLP has filed a legal challenge, asking the Suva High Court to set aside the Decree and stop the Registrar from de-registering the Party pending the court decision.

The FLP says parts of the decree detract from the universally recognised and accepted principles and values of democracy and human rights.

The Law Society's Dorsami Naidu says the Decree needs to be challenged.

"In a democracy everyone has the right to assembly and the right to form parties without unnecessary impediments. It's for the courts to really decide. And most parts of the decree are draconian, I would go along with that, and not in line with the UN Human Rights legislation and rules and guidelines as well as what happens in a democratic setting."

Dorsami Naidu from the Fiji Law Society.