15 Feb 2013

Supply gaps being filled in aftermath of Solomons tsunami

5:17 am on 15 February 2013

World Vision Solomon Islands says the disaster relief effort underway in Temotu province following last week's deadly tsunami will step up a gear with the arrival of a supply ship in a days' time.

The magnitude eight earthquake and subsequent tsunami killed at least 10 people on the main Santa Cruz island of Ndende, injured others and wiped out homes, displacing thousands.

World Vision's Honiara-based programme director says a lot of gear is only now being distributed because damage to the wharf at the provincial capital Lata made it difficult to unload the previous vessel.

Andrew Catford also says the size of the affected area means it takes time to deliver supplies to the more remote communities.

"When that ship heads out tonight it'll have the bulk of the items which are identified as gaps in what are not already there based on the affected population. So that will really help the distribution step into another level or another gear to get out all those items to the people affected."

World Vision's Andrew Catford.