13 Feb 2013

Residence issue fuels Tahiti election campaign

6:03 pm on 13 February 2013

Reports from French Polynesia say the Tahoeraa Huiraatira is questioning whether a possible key candidate in the upcoming territorial election is properly registered as a resident of Punaauia.

According to Tahiti-infos, Tahoeraa's lawyer has approached the Punaauia town administration in an apparent challenge of the eligibility of Teva Rohfritsch who two weeks formed a pro-autonomy coalition.

His Atia Porinetia coalition has largely absorbed the To Tatou Aia, which after the last election was the biggest party.

It is become a key group in the assembly and the Tahoeraa's main rival for the pro-autonomy vote.

Mr Rohfritsch was a minister in governments led by both the Tahoeraa and To Tatou Aia.

He has dismissed concerns about his registration.

Mr Rohfritsch is expected to be top of the Atia Porinetia list and its likely candidate for the presidency.

The election is due to be held in two rounds in April and May.