13 Feb 2013

Convicted arsonist in American Samoa gets 28 months in jail

5:28 am on 13 February 2013

A man who tried to blow up the Morris Scanlan Gas Station in America Samoa last September will serve 28 months in jail for attempted arson.

34-year-old Malaeloa Folasa Junior, admitted to repeatedly turning on a cigarette lighter and putting it inches away from the nozzles of the gas pumps at the station.

Gas station attendants were able to remove him from the pumps before anything happened.

His lawyer Leslie Cardin says Folasa was very drunk that night and he doesn't remember what happened when he went to the gas station.

The court noted that the defendant is on probation for a public peace disturbance case in District Court and alcohol was also involved.

The 28-month detention is a condition of Folasa's 7 years probation for attempted arson.

After he serves his time, the defendant, a Samoan citizen, is ordered to leave the territory and remain outside throughout the period of his probation.

The court also ordered that his sentence for the attempted arson will run consecutively with his public peace disturbance conviction in District Court.