12 Feb 2013

PNG gas project developer says construction not linked to dead fish

11:03 am on 12 February 2013

The developer of Papua New Guinea's LNG gas Project says there is no evidence linking the death of fish in Lake Kutubu to its construction activities.

Esso Highlands Limited confirms that it has received correspondence from landowners concerned about dead marine life in the Southern Highlands lake following the recent construction of a project pipeline in the area.

An Esso spokesperson says they understand the concerns of the landowners and are taking steps to assist them to identify causes of the fish deaths.

PNG's Department of Environment is investigating the cause of the fish dying within Lake Kutubu which is a world listed wetlands site.

Esso says it has been implementing site-specific procedures to protect the lake, using carefully chosen construction methods while working in the area.

It says evidence to date indicates that construction has not caused negative impacts to the Lake.