11 Feb 2013

Lata hospital in Solomons running low on supplies

4:04 pm on 11 February 2013

A senior nurse at Lata hospital in Temotu Province in Solomon Islands says the hospital is running low on clean water, food and some frequently used drugs.

The hospital currently has 50 patients with a variety of minor injuries and ailments after last Wednesday's quake and tsunami.

Mere Nelly says they have not been offered any aid assistance so far but are coping as best they can.

She says a nearby water source was contaminated by the tsunami, while the hospital kitchen is almost out of food.

"At the moment we are using just a little bit of water that is still left in the tank but if it's finished then (there) will be no more water. Food is also a problem."

Mere Nelly says they are expecting more people to be admitted with water borne diseases so the need to restock supplies is urgent.