8 Feb 2013

PNG politicians focus on legislation a pattern says academic

6:08 am on 8 February 2013

A Papua New Guinea political scientist says MPs can work urgently when it comes to moving legislation serving their political interests but not so quickly on other legislation.

The Peter O'Neill-led government this week repealed various laws passed during last year's political impasse including the Judicial Conduct Act which gave parliament the power to remove judges.

Parliament has also voted to extend the grace period protecting a government from no-confidence votes from 18 to 30 months after an election.

The University of PNG's Orovu Sepoe says the focus on such legislation is part of a pattern.

"They will deal with what matters first for them and the others may follow or they'll just disappear altogether. There are other matters that need addressing, for instance the women's bill, legislation dealing with the problem of law and order and guns in particular, the SABL system and land issues."

Orovu Sepoe