7 Feb 2013

Solomons PM assures affected areas emergency supplies will get there

7:30 am on 7 February 2013

Solomon Islands prime minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has expressed condolences to the families of the victims of the tsunami.

The police in Solomon Islands say at least six people are dead and many more reported missing following yesterday's 8-point-0 earthquake that struck yesterday afternoon

A one-metre high wave surge, as a result of the quake, came into the coast of the island of Santa Cruz, about 600 kilometres from the capital, Honiara.

About 100 homes were destroyed by the wave surge.

SIBC reports Mr Lilo has also assured those in Temotu that emergency supplies will be swiftly flown to the affected areas.

The prime minister says once the urgent response to those affected by the disaster are addressed, the government will then look at the damage to infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the Honiara based director of the aid agency, World Vision, Andrew Catford, says the island is vulnerable to natural disasters including tsunamis and cyclones.

"The most accurate I heard was 91 centimetres sort of coming into this area which I should point out is very, very low lying, so a metre makes a big difference in that area, the runway is not much above that. These coastal communities are right on the beach so they can easily be affected."

Andrew Catford says the immediate needs of people on the island should be better known today once aid workers survey the damage.