6 Feb 2013

Education CEO says Samoa's compulsory enforcement measures not working

6:08 pm on 6 February 2013

The newly appointed chief executive of the Samoa Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture, Matafeo Tanielu Aiafi, says th law on mandatory school attendance is not being properly enforced.

He says the present requirement that the police monitor and enforce it does not work.

Matafeo says the police have far more important duties while it is difficult for them because of faasamoa, or the cultural relationship, between law enforcers and the parents of the truant children.

He says there must be a more effective way.

The Education Ministry is soon to meet with the Attorney General, the Police Commissioner, as well as the Ministry of Women Affairs to discuss a new approach to the issue.

Meanwhile, our correspondent reports that public concern is increasing about the numbers of children seen selling goods on the street during school hours.