5 Feb 2013

Relief at end of Solomons teachers' strike

6:35 pm on 5 February 2013

The Solomon Islands government says it is relieved the teachers' strike is over.

The government agreed to pay what it had promised last year and teachers have returned to work.

The permanent secretary for education, Fred Rohorua, blames an unfortunate administrative oversight that saw the ministry underbudget teachers' pay.

"It's one of those things. We've overlooked it, and hopefully with the agreement, the teachers now can get back to their work, and be professional with their duties, as is their profession, that's called for. And hope that we can be able to sort other issues later on, and not having to go through a strike such as this one."

The permanent secretary for education, Fred Rohorua.

About 9,000 teachers chose to strike in protest at the failure of the government to meet pay commitments made last year.