4 Feb 2013

Fiji National Youth Party signs up half required membership so far

4:12 pm on 4 February 2013

The leader of the Fiji National Youth Party says the party is well on the way to gaining the number of members required to re-register as a political party under the regimes new Political Parties Decree.

Nayagodamu Korovou says the party has registered more than 2 and a half thousand members, half of the number needed by next Thursday's deadline.

He says the party, which supports military involvement in the government, has found it difficult to sign up members because people don't know what the party stands for.

"The people of Fiji, they do not know us because we haven't contested an election yet. People need the clarification of the party and all those small things before they can sign. But the signing is coming along."

Nayanodamu Korovou says he supports the decree because it will remove corporate interests in government and clean up politics in Fiji.