31 Jan 2013

Solomon teachers union seeks appeal against ruling

9:02 am on 31 January 2013

The union representing teachers on strike in the Solomon Islands is seeking to appeal against the Trade Dispute Panels ruling that their strike notice be withdrawn.

The panel told the Solomon Islands National Teachers Association that if it did not withdraw its strike notice on Tuesday afternoon, teachers would face possible prosecution.

SINTA has refused to back down and is continuing with industrial action.

The lawyer representing SINTA, Donald Marahare, says he has been instructed by the union to ask the trade dispute panel to review it's decision, in light of the continuing strike.

He adds that though the strike has been reported as illegal, this is not correct.

"The issue as to whether the strike is illegal has never been bought before the TDP panel. It's basically not in compliance with the panel, whether it's legal or illegal, that's a matter to be tested once the government decides to take the matter further."

The lawyer representing teachers union, SINTA, Donald Marahare.