15 Jan 2013

New Caledonia gay community worried about demonstration

4:01 pm on 15 January 2013

A gay rights group in New Caledonia says it is frightening that children have been used in a demonstration in Noumea against French plans to legalise gay marriage.

About 300 people had taken to the streets of Noumea last weekend as France-wide mass rallies attracted hundreds of thousands in a bid to stop the new law.

One of the leaders of New Caledonia's gay rights association, Jean-Francois Kabar, has told the local newspaper that the Noumea rally was a cut-and-paste of what is happening in France.

Mr Kabar says in no way was the action adapted to New Caledonia.

He says his organisation is very worried about the sorts of comments being made about gay people.

He says he gets an impression that some people aren't living in the same century.