14 Jan 2013

Indonesian abuse in Papua highlighted by media freedom group

3:17 pm on 14 January 2013

The group, Pacific Freedom Forum, says the killing, beating, abducting and jailing of journalists in Indonesia's West Papua region remains the most immediate issue in regional affairs.

The group says ongoing suppression of freedom of expression under Indonesian rule often involves violence against news media.

The Pacific Freedom Forum's chair, Titi Gabi, says well documented allegations of killings and torture depict medieval levels of brutality by Indonesian security and ad-hoc militia forces in West Papua.

Ms Gabi says the ongoing violence against citizens makes a mockery of Indonesia pretensions towards democracy, adherence to international law, and the peaceful majority of the world's biggest Muslim nation.

She says there is also concern over Indonesia security forces infiltrating Papua newsrooms and planting fake stories.

Reporters Without Borders ranks Indonesia in terms of press freedom in 146th place on a list of 179 nations.