14 Jan 2013

Fiji party disappointed over lack of coverage of constitution dumping

11:41 am on 14 January 2013

The Fiji Labour Party has expressed regret at the way Fiji media failed to cover reaction to Thursday's decision by the interim regime to dump the draft constitution.

The party notes that the day after the announcement, statements issued by major political parties were not run by the local media with the exception of the Fiji Sun.

It says it is sad to see the local media merely regurgitating the regime's platitudes and rhetoric without looking at the accuracy of these statements.

In 2010, the interim government put in place the Media Industry Development Decree, claiming it would have a positive impact on the economy, human rights, good governance and access to accurate information.

Observers, however, say it has led to a measure of self-censorship and last month the Constitution Commission said elements of the decree are objectionable and should be repealed or amended.

It has also urged the regime to do away with the State Proceedings (Amendment) Decree which says the law of defamation no longer applied to the Prime Minister.