12 Jan 2013

US court fines NZ fishing company 1.9 million US dollars for pollution

10:15 am on 12 January 2013

The New Zealand fishing company Sanford has been fined 1.9 million US dollars by a US court for polluting waters around American Samoa.

Sanford was convicted last August of dumping oil waste in waters around American Samoa from a tuna fishing ship, the San Nikunau, and falsifying records.

The District Court in Washington D.C has sentenced the company to pay 1.9 million US dollars and an additional community service payment of 500,000 US dollars

Sanford's ships have also been banned from entering US ports for three years until it's environmental policies are audited.

The chief engineer aboard the ship, James Pogue, has been sentenced to one month in prison, five months home detention and 18 months probation and fined 6,000 US dollars for falsifying records.

In a statement Sanford says it understands and respects the sentence and has voluntarily upgraded its environmental standards.