10 Jan 2013

Former Solomons MP encourages Lilo to apologise if he erred

6:50 pm on 10 January 2013

A former Solomon Islands politician is urging the prime minister Gordon Darcy Lilo to apologise if allegations of sexual misconduct against him are true.

The allegations first appeared on a facebook page of the group Forum Solomon Islands International and were then reproduced in the Solomon Star newspaper.

The Forum has lodged a case against Mr Lilo with the Leadership Code Commission and Mr Lilo is taking defamation action against both the group and the paper.

Alfred Sasako, a minister in previous governments, says he has had to apologise for his own behaviour and so knows from experience that saying sorry is a position of strength, not weakness.

"If the allegations against him were true, one, he should admit it, two, as a leader he should say sorry to those he had wronged and to the nation, because he is the political father of the nation and three, pay whatever compensation that's set out in the traditional jurisdiction of that particular area and let's move on."

Alfred Sasako says the case lodged with the Leadership Code Commission against Gordon Darcy Lilo will test its neutrality and independence.