10 Jan 2013

Vanuatu Media Association calls for meeting between government and radio station forced to close

3:17 pm on 10 January 2013

The President of the Vanuatu Media Association says the government should meet with the local radio station it wants to close.

In a letter, the Prime Minister Sato Kilman orders Capital FM107 to cease operations immediately for allegedly failing to renew its license since 2010 and breaching the Broadcasting and Television Act.

The president of the Vanuatu Media Association, Evelyne Toa, says the best solution is for the government to discuss the issue with FM107 in a meeting.

"If the government of the day thinks the radio station is not paying up or renewed its business license, better they sit together and talk about the issue instead of going to the media. Because it's not appropriate place or venue to settle any issue."

Evelyn Toa says all media stations face challenges and she is questioning why the government seems to be pinpointing the station.

The Prime Minister's letter says FM107 may reapply for another license to operate again, once all outstanding issues have been settled.

The Manager of FM107 says the station has sought legal advice and will continue to operate unless lawyers advise otherwise.