7 Jan 2013

Marshall Islands mayor orders man to remote island

6:11 am on 7 January 2013

In the Marshall Islands, a 25 year-old Marshallese man has been sent to a remote outer island after repeated instances of robbing local residences in the capital.

Majuro's mayor, Mudge Samuel, says dispatching non-Majuro islanders to the outer islands for bad behavior is an old policy which has been resurrected.

He said he ordered the "deportation" of Fred Bilene to Ailinglaplap Atoll in response to his repeated break-ins at the homes of Majuro residents.

Bilene was escorted to Ailinglaplap, where he was turned over to the Chief of Police, who Bilene is to stay with.

He has been banned from returning to Majuro for five years.

Mayor Samuel says there are others who may follow Bilene in being sent to the outer islands for repeatedly causing trouble in Majuro.