3 Jan 2013

Call for tougher law enforcement to protect underage girls from marriage in PNG

3:05 pm on 3 January 2013

A Non-government organisation upholding women's rights in Papua New Guinea says tougher law enforcement is needed to stop underage girls from being forced to marry older men.

There are fears that more parents arrange for their underage daughters as young as five to be married to older men in exchange for money.

A spokesperson from the NGO Consultative Implementation and Monitoring Council, Ume Wainetti, says while there is a law against this, it needs to be enforced.

"One is educating the parents to know what the law is now saying, ot just the parents, the public in general. And the other one would be to make sure that both the law enforcers, the judiciary, the police are also well educated on the laws to enforce the laws."

Ume Wainetti says there also needs to be a more thorough system of registering births in PNG so authorities can verify if a girl is underage.