31 Dec 2012

Battle for American Samoa speaker heats up

6:11 am on 31 December 2012

The battle for the Speaker of the House post in American Samoa is now heating up.

Representative Taotasi Archie Soliai has been confirmed a candidate and he will be up against long time lawmaker and current House Speaker Savali Talavou Ale.

Savali was first elected to the House in 1981 and has remained undefeated in every election since then.

This will be Taotasi's second try for the leadership post.

He was defeated in an 11-9 vote over Savali, after new members of the 32nd Legislature were sworn into office.

It's believed that Savali and Taotasi each have nine firm supporters and both sides are hotly campaigning to get two more supporters.

A candidate for Speaker must have 11 votes in order to win.