18 Dec 2012

Palau Education Ministry says new law on Palauan language necessary

5:26 am on 18 December 2012

The Ministry of Education in Palau says a new law instructing all schools to teach the Palauan language is necessary.

The law was enacted earlier this month and instructs schools to offer courses in reading and writing in the Palauan language to students from grade one to twelve.

The Director of Human Instruction at the Ministry of Education, Debbie Sbal says the law is necessary for the survival of the orthography or formal use of the alphabet.

"Right now even though we do speak and read and write in Palauan, some people write Palauan the way they used to write it a long time ago. But we do have a standardised Palauan orthography, a set way of writing the Palauan language and so that's what we want to have take place in the schools."

Debbie Sbal says the law will also help all students gain better understanding of the Palauan way of life.