17 Dec 2012

Fiji military says it will continue role as custodian of change post elections

1:09 pm on 17 December 2012

The Fiji military says it will monitor Fiji's new parliament to ensure changes brought in by the current regime are fully implemented.

But it says it does not want special reserved seats in parliament despite being tempted by the idea.

Sally Round reports.

"The military's ideas for Fiji after elections in 2014 come in its 100 page submission to the Constitution Commission. It says it had not thought about asking for special seats until Australia's Foreign Minister Bob Carr raised the issue when he visited Fiji earlier this year. The military says it wants to allay people's fears so won't be making the call. But it says, as the last bastion of law and order in Fiji, it won't allow any individual or group to sabotage its efforts, saying it will remain as the custodian of change in Fiji. The military has called for all decrees to remain in force post elections. A large part of the submission is given over to the regime's achievements for Fiji. The military wants what it calls a new style presidential model of government with a president elected by a 46 seat unicameral parliament, but powers to govern in a state of emergency. It's also called for the constitution to lay out basic human rights."