17 Dec 2012

Wallis and Futuna takes stock of Cyclone Evan's destruction

6:04 am on 17 December 2012

The French administration on Wallis and Futuna says Tropical Cyclone Evan left damage to infrastructure but caused no loss of life as it passed the territory.

The category 4 cyclone, which has also caused extensive damage in Samoa, is expected to pass near the northern part of the Fiji group overnight and into Monday.

As Evan passed the French territory on Sunday, Wallis felt more direct impact than Futuna, with damage mostly sustained to roads and buildings.

Benjamin Gerard, the head of the administration's cabinet, says houses of around 20 families were damaged but the storm has now abated.

"The cyclone, it's practically over, over here. It has caused many liabilities. But there's not any death over here. Only two persons very slightly bruised."