13 Dec 2012

Solomons teachers may have to pay for own sea fare allowances

5:01 am on 13 December 2012

Teachers in the Solomon Islands may be forced to reach into their own pockets to make up for the government and the Honiara City Council's failure to provide sea fare allowances.

The government and the Honiara City Council are obligated to pay fares to enable teachers to return to their villages for the school holidays.

The city council is yet to pay it's half of the 195 thousand US dollars required for the more than 600 teachers affected.

The general secretary of the Solomon Islands National Teachers Association, Johnley Hatimoana, says fares back home for teachers can cost upwards of 400 US dollars.

"They really want to go home and they may have to subsidise themselves by going, which is an unfortunate situation. The employer is obligated to do that but if the teachers themselves have to subsidise that you know very well it will affect their normal budget over the christmas and new years period."

Johnley Hatimoana says he hopes it doesn't have to come to that as he is working with the council to try have the issue resolved by Friday.