7 Dec 2012

Vanuatu MP reveals why he switched allegiance ahead of no confidence vote

8:14 pm on 7 December 2012

A Vanuatu MP who has withdrawn his support for the motion of no-confidence against the Prime Minister Sato Kilman says he had to prioritise the needs of his constituency.

The newly-elected Lugainville MP, Kalfau Moli, previously voiced misgivings about the Kilman government's performance.

But the independent MP says he is prepared to reconsider his views in the interest of helping provide political stability.

And he says being offered the post of Minster of Agriculture is a great opportunity.


IN:......After 33 years we've always been given the portfolio of either the Speaker of Parliament or the Minister of Internal Affairs which is predominantly in the expenditure sector but this, for the first time, we have a portfolio that can really boost the economy, create jobs and re-energise the constituency which has been neglected for a while.

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Kalfau Moli