4 Dec 2012

Financial worries continue for the only hospital in American Samoa

7:21 pm on 4 December 2012

The chief executive of American Samoa's LBJ Hospital, Mike Gerstenberger, says dialysis services may be in jeopardy due to funding problems, after the center for Medicaid and Medicare Services fell behind in payments.

A member of the incoming government, Iulogologo Joseph Pereira, says they have been told the LBJ could struggle to meet wage payments later this month.

He says an option being considered is the temporary closure of dialysis services to free up money for the payroll.

According to information they've received, the company supplying dialysis material wants upfront payment before the LBJ orders are released.

Iulogologo says if the dialysis service is not suspended then the staff can't be paid.

Mr Gerstenberger has confirmed the hospital does not have sufficient funds to pay for dialysis chemicals for January of next year and to meet the payroll in late December.

He said this is because Medicaid owes LBJ over four million US dollars.