4 Dec 2012

Hawai'i Bank gives American Samoans until March 15th to shut accounts

2:29 pm on 4 December 2012

Bank of Hawai'i customers in American Samoa have until March the 15th to make alternative banking arrangements after the bank announced it was closing its branches in the territory next year.

The Bank says it is increasingly clear that due to geographic isolation it is not able to give an appropriate level of service in American Samoa.

Efforts earlier this year to sell the local operations had failed.

The Bank's district manager for American Samoa, Hobbs Lowson, says the deadline gives customers ample time to close their accounts:

"We are working with ANZ and local government officials to accommodate customers and facilitate a smooth transition. All other accounts will be closed unless the account holder has expressed an interest in continuing to do interest with Bank of Hawaii through our Hawaii branches."

Bank of Hawai'i district manager in American Samoa, Hobbs Lowson.