1 Dec 2012

Kurdish hunger striker on Nauru airlifted to Australia after seven weeks without food

9:55 am on 1 December 2012

A Kurdish hunger striker on Nauru, who had reportedly gone without food for 51 days, has been airlifted to Australia.

Omid Sorouseh began a hunger strike soon after he was moved by Australia to Nauru from Christmas Island.

He aimed to convince Australia authorities to shut the Nauru camp and return him and his fellow inmates to Australia where their applications for refugee status could be assessed.

Ian Rintoul of the Australian Refugee Coalition says at least another 18 people are on hunger strikes with one of those having gone without food for 30 days.

A Nauru MP Mathew Batsuia says there has been a reduction in the numbers starving themselves in the past week.

But he says he is confident that there medical people around the clock monitoring and observing people in voluntary starvation.