29 Nov 2012

Call for compromise to ensure conservation measures put in place at Tuna Commission meeting

3:02 pm on 29 November 2012

The Pew Environment Group says compromise is required from all members of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission to protect endangered tuna species.

The Group is among the NGOs converging on Manila for the Commission's annual meeting next week.

Tuna conservation measures have expired and Pacific island nations are seeking more commitment from distant water fishing nations on new, strengthened measures at the meeting.

The commission met on Guam in March and voted not to strengthen tuna protections despite warnings by scientists about the decline in species such as Bigeye.

The Pew Group's Senior Officer of International Policy, Gerald Leape says to date, the Commission has largely shirked its responsibility.

"And we're calling on all sides to compromise because they have an obligation to come to agreement on a tuna measure that will save Bigeye tuna. It is declining and it is in severe danger and they need to take strong action and compromise needs to be put forward by all parties."

Gerald Leape