26 Nov 2012

Manus Island Governor disappointed with Australia over asylum seeker deal

7:31 am on 26 November 2012

The Governor of Papua New Guinea's Manus Province says he is disappointed with Australia's handling of an agreement to send asylum seekers to Manus Island.

The Australian government has begun transferring asylum seekers from Christmas Island to Manus, with four children and 15 men and women sent on Wednesday.

The Governor of Manus, Charlie Benjamin says the Australian government has acted prematurely and is unsure if the province will benefit in any way.

He says some commitments made by Australia have failed to materialise and says he and residents on Manus feel as though they have been left in the dark over the whole process.

"My people have expressed their disappointment to the Australian government. I don't think I'm involved as much, although we've done a bit of talking but nothing really seems to come out from that talking."

Charlie Benjamin says he hopes to meet with officials from Australia to share his concerns.