22 Nov 2012

New Vanuatu MPs attend induction workshop

2:09 pm on 22 November 2012

Vanuatu's newly elected MPs are attending an induction workshop that aims to prepare them for their roles as parliamentarians.

One of the organisers is the Centre for Democratic Institutions.

Its deputy director, Grant Harrison, says MPs around the world are confronted with the challenge of balancing local priorities with national interests in a way that respects accountability obligations.

He says the three-day workshop aims to prepare the 24 first time parliamentarians for their role as legislators.

"Someone who understands about lawmaking and makes good laws for the Republic. We are going to talk about what it means to be an overseer of government operations. One of Parliament's main purposes is to hold the government to account for the way it develops policy and the way it administers programmes. So we are going to talk about those issues. We are also going to talk how important it is to be a representative for your community here in parliament."

Grant Harrison says one the main issues that they are going to talk about is the separation of powers.