20 Nov 2012

PNG women MPs opposed to reserved women's seats

3:09 pm on 20 November 2012

An MP in Papua New Guinea says the three current women MPs will not support any legislation creating reserved seats for women.

Last year, parliament passed a bill to set up 22 reserved seats for women, but enabling legislation was not passed in time for this year's election, in which three women were elected to the 111-seat parliament.

The newspaper, the National, reported that the three MPs threatened to withdraw their allegiance to the government if such a bill was brought up again.

The Sohe MP and Vice-Minister for Treasury, Delilah Gore, says the three women support the government, but would not vote for reserved seats.

"We have to work harder and find a lot of women to get into the next election. And for three of us to get in is a good indication that Papua New Guinea women can make it to the parliament. The way I see it now, the three of us have got into the Parliament, I think the people's way of thinking has changed, especially the women's way of thinking."

Papua New Guinea MP, Delilah Gore.