19 Nov 2012

Vanuatu leaders sign agreement to form new government

9:16 am on 19 November 2012

Two of Vanuatu's major political parties have signed an agreement to form a new coalition government.

The new parliament is due to sit from today to elect a new Prime Minister.

In the three weeks since the election, two main groupings have continued to claim a majority of the 52-seats.

The incumbent Prime Minister, Sato Kilman and deputy prime minister, Ham Lini, have signed a Memorandum of Agreement for the formation of a new coalition.

Mr Lini signed the agreement in the name of a bloc comprising his party, the National United Party, the Reunification of Movements for Change, the Nagriamel Custom Movement and the Vanuatu National Party.

The two leaders refused to speak to media, saying they will only be available to reveal the composition of their government after parliament sits.

They claim the support of 31 MPs.