15 Nov 2012

New Vanuatu MP wants air fare subsidies for people from outer islands

7:13 pm on 15 November 2012

The newly elected MP for Banks and Torres constituency in Northern Vanuatu says the government should seriously consider the cost of airfares to his part of the country.

Christophe Emelee is the first member of parliament from Torres Islands in Torba province.

Mr Emelee says people there find it difficult to travel to other parts of Vanuatu because of the high cost of air travel.

He says flights can cost up to 600 US dollars on Air Vanuatu.

Mr Emelee says one his priorities is to ask the new government to subsidise the fares.

He says a subsidy would also attract tourists to Torba.

Mr Emelee say local people have built bungalows but they can not benefit from the tourism business like other parts of Vanuatu because of the high cost of transportation.

He says the government already subsidises ships to collect copra in the outer islands so they should provide a similar service to airline passengers.