15 Nov 2012

American Samoa election results declared official

7:15 am on 15 November 2012

American Samoa's chief election officer declared yesterday the results of the November 6th general election are now official after the deadline to file challenges expired.

However, Soliai Tuipine Fuimaono says election results for the local House of Representatives race for District Number 15, Tualauta county, is being contested in the High Court.

Yesterday, two unsuccessful female candidates for Tualauta, Lucia Bartley and Esther Wall, filed a complaint against Soliai and another Tualauta candidate, Florence Saulo for provable fraud.

Unofficial results from the general election have given the two Tualauta seats to incumbent Larry Sanitoa and new comer Saulo, a long time local business woman.

Meanwhile, Soliai says the tie race for Fagatogo's seat in the local House of Representative between incumbent Steve Leasiolagi and Maugaoalii Anoai will be decided by lot, but a date for this process have not been firmed up yet.