14 Nov 2012

Nauru leader concerned at asylum seekers' hunger strike

6:08 pm on 14 November 2012

The President of Nauru Sprent Dabwido says his government has been concerned about the welfare of the asylum seekers on hunger strike in the Australia-run detention centre.

While a mass hunger strike has ended, six Iranian asylum seekers are continuing to refuse food and another Iranian man has now gone without food for 34 days.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Navi Pillay has expressed her alarm at the situation.

Mr Dabwido says his government does get very concerned by the hunger striking but has been reassured by the daily medical reports.

"Most of them [asylum seekers] are starting to take again the food intake and there are only a few serious ones who might need more medical attention in terms of controlling their diet and getting them back into eating food but I think generally speaking the medical people there looking after them are pretty much under control of everything."

The President of Nauru Sprent Dabwido