7 Nov 2012

Claims that Sato Kilman will retain Vanuatu prime ministership

7:05 pm on 7 November 2012

The party of Vanuatu's caretaker prime minister, the People's Progressive Party, claims that Sato Kilman has the support of the majority of the new parlimanet and will retain the country's leader.

Party sources say 32 MPs from 11 political parties have committed to back Mr Kilman to return as prime minister.

On Tuesday Mr Kilman gathered all 32 MPs at his office as a sign of solidarity.

It followed a kava ceremony with the same group last Friday, also at the prime minister's office.

Our correspondent says that a Memorandum of Understanding is still to be signed and will follow the distribution of 13 ministerial portfolios and constitutional positions, such as Speaker.

Meanwhile the other camp is also meeting.

The Vanuaaku Pati president, Edward Natapei has brought together the Union of Moderate Parties, the Ground and Justice Party and the Vanuatu Liberal Party to try and form the core of a coalition.