29 Oct 2012

Child unlikely to face charges over shooting - Samoa police

11:55 am on 29 October 2012

Samoa police say it is unlikely an eight year old boy will be charged over the death of his five year old cousin who was visiting from New Zealand.

The police say the boy's name will not be released until a post mortem is completed.

Local media report a man had taken the two boys to shoot pigeons and collect coconuts for dinner.

He apparently left a loaded gun under a tree while looking for a stick to carry the coconuts home.

It is believed the two boys were fighting over the gun when it fired, killing the five year old.

Samoan Police say it is unclear if the boy's body will be returned to New Zealand or stay in Samoa.

Detectives are still working on the case.

No charges have been laid and they say it is unlikely the 8year old will be charged.

The police have questioned the man and the boy who are both now in the care of relatives.