29 Oct 2012

American Samoa candidate promises to curb bingo

11:50 am on 29 October 2012

A political candidate in American Samoa has said that restrictions on bingo will help reduce the territory's problem of teen pregnancy.

Su'a Lucia Alefosio Bartley is running for the House of Representatives and blames a lack of parental supervision for American Samoa having the Pacific's highest rates of teen pregnancy.

She says bingo competitions offer large sums of money, which families desperately need, so parents will go out at night leaving their children to do whatever they want.

"My mum is watching, my dad is watching. That's what I had as a little girl. When we had that fear of my mum and dad, they're going to find out, they're going to spank me or something like that, it would stop me from doing the stuff that I wasn't supposed to be doing."

Su'a Lucia Alefosio Bartley says if elected, she will work to introduce legislation that only allows bingo on weekends and holiday's.