27 Oct 2012

Solomons government survives no-confidence vote

6:05 am on 27 October 2012

The Solomon Islands government remains in power following the defeat of a motion of no confidence in the prime minister, Gordon Darcy Lilo.

The opposition leader Dr Derek Sikua failed to attend parliament for the second time since introducing the motion and only a handful of opposition MPs were present.

Our correspondent says the parliamentary speaker Sir Allan Kemakeza was strongly critical of Dr Sikua, saying there is no provision for dealing with a motion of no confidence where the mover chooses not to appear.

But Koroi Hawkins says Sir Allan decided to allow the motion to proceed and be debated.

"The prime minister stood up and again said that he was disappointed with the leader of the opposition and he was also disappointed with the parliament committee for motions because the motion of no confidence like the previous one had no grounds that were put forward by the leader of the opposition and he asked that in future that there be proper grounds and proper reasons put forth."

Koroi Hawkins says there were 28 votes against the motion and three abstentions.