22 Oct 2012

PNG Government commits to big expansion in resourcing of police

4:46 pm on 22 October 2012

Papua New Guinea's police minister, Nixon Duban, is promising to double the size of the force by 2015, as part of a commitment to addressing law and order issues.

Mr Duban says they recognise lawlessness must be brought under control before other developments can take place.

In a statement he says the present management of the law and order situation is wanting to say the least.

He says he wants better police housing, vehicles, office facilities, uniforms, communications and other equipment,

Mr Duban says police will also have access to stun guns or other less lethal weapons.

He says he wants a more people friendly organisation to overcome a fear of police held by the public.

The officers will be encouraged to improve response times and to be more visible in public places.

To combat a recent upsurge in crime and harassment in parts of Port Moresby the Minister has issued a directive for more foot patrols.

He will also look at assigning more police to guard diplomats after some missions complained recently that their personnel had been targetted by criminals.