19 Oct 2012

Singapore company still keen on Vanuatu for tobacco production

4:07 pm on 19 October 2012

A Singaporean-based company Rock International has maintained its plan to set up a tobacco manufacturing plant in Vanuatu despite the rejection of its application by the Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority

The company's Eric Ong has told the Daily Post that it has been frustrated by parts of government that have hindered the planned investment.

Mr Ong says it has made huge investments in Vanuatu already and plans to support more than 300 farmers in Efate and Tanna by providing the training, tools and seeds to grow tobacco.

He says it has wanted to hire another 100 Ni-Vanuatu at a manufacturing plant to dry the tobacco, and export the entire production.

The Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority has also highlighted possible quarantine restrictions on importing seed to plant tobacco.