19 Oct 2012

Mobile calling rates in Samoa currently under negotiations

12:02 pm on 19 October 2012

Mobile calling rates in Samoa are currently under negotiations between Bluesky Samoa and Digicel Samoa.

This follows a review of the current rates proposed by the Office of the Regulator three years ago.

The regulator, Donnie Defreitas, says the current rate is 17.7 sene, or about 7 US cents, per minute per call from a Digicel mobile to a Bluesky mobile and vice versa.

CEO of BlueSky Aoe'e Adolfo Montenegro says they are close to finalizing documents.

The negotiation is focusing only only local mobile rates

Digicel Samoa's CEO Pepe Christian Fruean said they intend to settle disputes and reach a point that is beneficial to all