17 Oct 2012

Tonga opposition considering impeachment

1:21 pm on 17 October 2012

The Democratic Party in Tonga is still considering a further challenge against the government after an attempted vote of no confidence failed last week.

The Party put forward the motion for the prime minister Lord Tu'ivakano and his cabinet to step down, saying the government had lost the backing of the people and misappropriated funds.

It was rejected by a 13-11 majority but Sunia Fili, who resigned from cabinet in June to back the Democratic Party's vote of no confidence, says they are considering their next move.

He says that could include impeachment - the process for bringing charges against the government to determine whether its members can be forcibly removed from office.

"We still are asking questions and collect more information for legality of those allegations that we are taking the government to so we may continue on to impeachment."

Sunia Fili from the Democratic Party.