11 Oct 2012

Health authority in PNG satisfied chikungunya outbreak in Vanimo under control

7:08 pm on 11 October 2012

The Deputy Secretary of Health in Papua New Guinea, Dr Paison Dakulala, says an outbreak of the mosquito borne viral disease, chikungunya, in and around Vanimo in West Sepik, is under control.

Dr Dakulala says there have been 633 people affected since June with a number hospitalised.

But he says the outbreak is manageable with no fatalities to date.

"Those who are presenting are presenting with fever and the fever seems to be managed with the medications we are giving and that is paracetamol. Some of these patients who have gone home after 2 or 3 days in hospital have come back with itchiness and joint pain. But so far there is no case of fatalities at all."