27 Sep 2012

Woman at centre of Solomons royal dress controversy says apologies all round

4:24 pm on 27 September 2012

The United States consular agent at the centre of the controversy surrounding garments worn by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their recent visit to Solomon Islands says she has apologised to everyone involved.

Although outfits designed locally had been officially authorised for the couple, the clothing they ended up wearing was by a Rarotongan designer.

Keithie Saunders says she received the clothing from the designer during the Pacific Islands Forum summit in August, and agreed to give it to the royal couple as a gift from the Cook Islands.

She says the fact that they ended up wearing them instead of their official Solomon Islands-designed garments is simply an awful mix-up.

"I've explained it all and everybody has been apologised to if there was any misconception and Clarence House have written a very nice letter stating that their visit was the highlight of their Pacific trip."

Keithie Saunders says she was accompanied by police when she placed the clothing in the couple's hotel room.